Computer Aided Design (CAD) – Finite Element Analysis (FEA) – 2017

  • Analyzed and optimized a structural system – skateboard truck
  • Deliverables include interim and final reports, ANSYS command files, FE modelling, optimization results, stress and deflection analyses


Worker Safety Considerations in Computer-Integrated Manufacturing – 2017

  • Identified the latest developments, trends, and technological innovations in worker safety in CIM
  • Conducted research on sensors, devices, and design considerations used to assure safety of human workers when working within an automated factory
  • Deliverables include: final report and oral presentation


Machine Design – Race Vehicle Gearbox Design Project – 2017

  • Worked in a team of five to design a gearbox assembly for a pre-built race vehicle to compete in a top speed and towing event
  • Deliverables include interim reports, final report, 3-D printed gears, free body diagrams, CAD drawings, relevant calculations, Matlab codes, and NX files


Solid Mechanics Design Project – 2016

  • Worked in a team of two to analyze a hanging flower basket support structure, and made modifications to the design in order to reduce the loaded vertical deflection
  • Deliverables include free body diagrams, stress analysis, deflection calculations and written report


Caber Toss Design – 2016

  • Worked in a team to design a device attached to a tractor PTO that could perform a caber toss
  • Skills and knowledge from the dynamics field as well as proficiency in Matlab were required
  • Deliverables include free body diagrams, kinematics analyses, forces and torque calculations


Mostly Autonomous Tiny Turbines Windfarm – 2016

  • Worked in a team of four to construct a turbine capable of operating a 130 DC generator
  • Deliverable: CAD models, a prototype constructed out of 3-D printed blades, motor, shaft and gears


Engineering Economics – New Venture analysis – 2016

  • Analyzed a case study of a new business venture – skills and knowledge required: business planning for the enterprise, enterprise economic analysis, project management process, project economic analysis, risk analysis and management, quality management and change management
  • Deliverables include first screen, concept statement, financial analysis and summary business plan


Global Project Management Final Project – 2016

  • Prepared a research report emphasizing management lessons learned for a recent project
  • Management lessons were categorized into the PMBOK ® guide knowledge area
  • Deliverables include a scope description, project charter, a work breakdown structure, a summary oral presentation, and written report


St. Lawrence Charging Network – 2016

  • Worked in a team of four to provide an optimum solution for Canadian government’s mission to meet the requirements of one of the agreements from the COP21 climate discussion
  • Designed a charging network that will support 25% electric passenger vehicle usage by 2025